It is Party Time!!

Are you ready for all of the holiday partying?! Holiday parties can be a challenging place for a dieter to be.  Food is everywhere and alcohol usually is too.  The temptation to splurge can seem high and some might want to wait until 2014 to take their diet seriously.   Here are some tips that may come in handy in helping you stay on track!

1)      Just have one.   Alcohol is very caloric and can be even higher in sugar than a regular beverage.  The calories add up quickly and party goers can easily consume all of their evening calories with a few drinks.  Water is always great to keep you hydrated and energized.

2)       Eat before you go.  Going to a holiday party where light refreshments are being served can be dangerous especially if you go on an empty stomach.  Eat lunch or dinner before you arrive so you are not hungry when you arrive. 

3)      Go for the Vegetables.  If you find yourself unable to resist the finger foods go straight for vegetable trays.  Celery, tomatoes, or carrots with a little bit of hummus or ranch is an excellent choice if you are feeling like munching on something.  Avoid the sweets and caloric dips because once you start it can be hard stop

Hope everyone has a great holiday and is able to enjoy their holiday parties!!  Remember the parties are intended to bring people together to celebrate.  It is ok if you do not taste everything, there will be more parties and dishes to be consumed in the future.  Right now support yourself in your own personal goals by making healthy choices during the holidays.

Veronica Caballero, RDN